The One for Women 6.7 oz. Tester Body Lotion by Dolce & Gabbana
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The One for Women 6.7 oz. Tester Body Lotion by Dolce & Gabbana

The One for Women 6.7 oz. Tester Body Lotion by Dolce & Gabbana
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Item # 109979

Price with coupon: $9.90
Using 55% OFF Coupon Code: H55

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Tester (What is a Tester?)
The One for Women 6.7 oz. Tester Body Lotion by Dolce & Gabbana

The One for Women 6.7 oz. Tester Body Lotion by Dolce & Gabbana

Price with coupon: $9.90
Using 55% OFF Coupon Code: H55
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  Product Reviews Add Your Own Review  
Love it!   
Written by Timmy T
One of my favorite fragrances   
Written by Awesum
The one is an amazing cologne .The scent just lingers all day   
Written by Galloway
Its a cologne that brings a lot of attention.The scent is blissful.   
Written by Dudley
The one cologne has an incentive ,it keeps me active all day.   
Written by Carey
Great scent that leaves me feeling refresh all day.   
Written by Boyce
I enjoy the pleasant fragrant of the set and the price is affordable   
Written by Nicky
Awesome spray with a long lasting scent that keeps me smelling good all day.   
Written by Mauro
My wife loves this perfume so I always buy the set for her to enjoy all the products.   
Written by Prince
Cool refreshing scent that stays with me all day long.   
Written by Deon
Truly an amazing fragrant that delivers a wonderful scent to the finish.   
Written by Myrtice
Great fragrant lasting scent   
Written by Salina
Pleasant scent affordable price and fast shipping.   
Written by Niki
Just an amazing fragrant.   
Written by Merrill
Written by Les
Always a winner ,just try it.   
Written by Jessie
Awesome perfume with such a long lasting powdery scent.   
Written by Katie
Awesome scent good price,   
Written by Beatrice
Roses have such a pleasant fragrant and this perfume has a lovely capture of it.   
Written by Julius
The One Gift set will make the perfect present for any special lady.   
Written by Kareem
A wonderful perfume to add to my collection.Just an amazing fragrant.   
Written by Ariel
The One has a really nice scent .I love wearing it   
Written by Queenie
I love the way The One smells on my skin.Its such a compliment.   
Written by Dione
The One has an interesting sensational scent.   
Written by Hyun
Smells great. Ladies love it too   
Written by Love doctor
I love this product , but find it difficult to locate and expensive ,except for the LJshopping site. I was happy to find the site and would use it again in a minute.   
Written by jan
This is such a mystical scent and the price is great as a tester   
Written by Napoleon
I love using Samba Sexy ,the scent is so compelling.   
Written by Nick
D&G the one is designed for the mature man. Like all D&G colognes it only gets better as it dries down. This is definitely a winter cologne as it's spicy but not at all overbearing. It has strong base and middle notes with perfect top notes that are just    
Written by Myles
A terrific fragrant and the moisture actually last long also.   
Written by Nia
Floral sexy fragrance with a nice sweet rose scent.   
Written by Lanita
Has always been one of my favorites!   
Written by Chriss291
A perfect fragrance with a nice flowery scent.   
Written by Celena
Very pleasant fragrance great as a set.   
Written by Cherish
The One is a great spray,I always buy the tester because it is for my personal use.   
Written by Bernetta
Intense alluring fragrance that blends with my skin texture.   
Written by Pia
Strong and provocative scent.   
Written by Norman
My favorite spray .I just love the way it smells on my skin.   
Written by Christene
Smell is amazing.   
Written by Pullen
A must have cologne.   
Written by Deandre
Very attractive scent.   
Written by Erich
This is a fantastic cologne.The scent reamains with you all day   
Written by Maxwell
A nice sweet scent and the service was amazing.   
Written by Danita
This scent is great, a definite buy   
Written by Marjory
Amazing service and this smells great   
Written by Rocio
Smells flower fresh   
Written by Bobby
Awesome fragrance! Received it very quickly.   
Written by ALocke
Written by ken
Nice fragrance, lasts 6-8 hrs. Perfect for a nite out on the town or entertaining.    
Written by Kevin

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